I am a retired construction professional with 46 years of construction-design-and-management experience behind me. My wife and I own our home in Flint Mountain, which has four bedrooms, plus a granny-flat, conservative valuation about £380,000, but I would hope currently to be worth about £410,000.
We have bought, and own, a smaller bungalow nearby, in Flint Mountain, valued currently at about £275,000. I wish to do major extension/refurbishment works on the bungalow before we move to it. I have obtained Building Regulations approval for the work, and have a quality builder. I now need to secure a bridging loan/mortgage for the work. On the basis of deposited deeds for the bungalow or house, I am looking for a short-term loan or mortgage for about £250,000. Is this matter of interest to you? Thank you